Blue Period (ブルーピリオド): Draw It, Paint It Out, Shout to the Blue You Value

“好きなものを好きだと言う 怖くて仕方ないけど 本当の自分 出会えた気がしたんだ”

(It’s terrifying to say what I like, but I finally met my true self.) — YOASOBI

Blue Period has officially premiered on Netflix (weekly updated). The story tells about Yatora Yaguchi, a high schooler whose life remains plain before he enters an art classroom. That was the time he authentically realized what has been hidden within him. All conceptual image he could think of, the brush he’d enthusiastically pick, and eventually, the color he’s able to choose for himself.

Then, what’s more important to a soul?

What a soul values, or what the society decides to be valuable?

What is this anime about?

Art school in Japan are expensive and Yaguchi’s parents cannot afford private college. But when a passionate soul pursues a dream, it’s unstoppable. This anime dedicates inspiration. It gets through your deepest heart and the question within you: A boy has discovered what he truly desires and he goes after it. What about you, the other soul lying on this mysterious world? What would you like to chase after and embrace?

Seeing Yaguchi putting every effort to art is motivating. You don’t have to be an artist or an art student to feel closely attached to this emotional aesthetics. I personally think the story can be well conveyed to anyone who desires to embrace their dreams, but are overwhelmed by fear to take action.

Is the anime different from manga version?

The manga version is detailed, respectively speaking, it gives you the strong passionate and enthusiastic atmosphere throughout reading. It talks about the process of making arts such as the principles of art. Subjectively, I think they added this process in detail to bring comprehension to people outside art industry. More than this, it is kindly explained to anyone having a particular perspective that making art is a piece of cake. In fact, it goes through countless processes before being exposed to the public (and I highly appreciate all artists for their hard work).

In anime, these details are removed for the most part. But, I insist to keep following the anime anyway since I couldn’t understand some parts in the manga which they get illustrated in anime instead. My imagination couldn’t visualize their paintings when reading the manga as I don’t experience the art-making process frequently, so, to see all arts in colorfully animated pictures is genuinely satisfying and fulfilling.

Plus, Yaguchi’s character is totally charming and impressive. He isn’t the kind of guy you meet very often in anime. He is assertive, but calm. Never forgetting Ryuji Ayukawa, or Yuka, who wears both girl and boy uniforms. Yuka knows who they are and want to be. The manga artist pinned an intriguing point here. I’m very impressive how their story will be told from now on.

Personal Rating: Currently 4/5 (will be updated after the series get completed)

Recommendation Level: Highly recommend! Both the manga and anime. They have different atmosphere, but both are excellent and worth watching.

Watch Blue Period Trailer Here:

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(Anime Review) Traveling Back to Revenge in TOKYO REVENGERS!

I was very desperate after my final week and it was like searching for a needle in a haystack when it comes to starting a new fun anime. But, luck comes with a sharp eyes of mine. I found this anime called TOKYO REVENGERS on twitter feed at first. They’re legally streaming on Youtube by Muse Asia/Muse Thailand, so I immediately clicked and watched it to get away with my assignment boredom. Astonishingly, it turned out to be… FUN! FUN! and FUN! I’ve been watching them only 6 episodes, but they’re totally amazing. I’m so blessed. My soul has been saved from university assignments.

Now, let me introduce you to Tokyo Revengers which I only started watching them too (hahaha). It’s manga adaptation, and I don’t know any spoilers yet. However, this woman will drive you to the heaven of assignment freedom.


This anime is about a 26-year-old Takemichi Hanagaki whose life isn’t very exciting. He works at the CD store and lives pathetically in a thin wall room. One day, he watched the news and found out that his ex-girlfriend in middle school, Hinata Tachibana, died from the fight of Tokyo Manjikai Gang. Takemichi was quite familiar with the gang name because he was used by some of them when he was in middle school. The gang has expanded its cruel power in the society and caused Hinata to dead.

Accidentally, he was pushed into the railway to death in the following day. Takemichi has been to the past 12 years ago where he was still a boyfriend of Hinata. He met his love one and his old peers. More important that that, he met Naoto Tachibana in the past and told him to protect his sister on the exact day he heard the news. When they shook their hands to make a promise, Takemichi came back to the present world and one thing has changed! He met Naoto who supposed to be dead with Hinata! He learned that by telling the little Naoto to save his sister, he became a police and helped Takemichi from falling into the railway. Naoto at this point became a lead character which I didn’t expect too.

Now, Tachibana and Naoto discovered that their hands are a door to travel back time. They agreed to start saving Hinata’s life and began their first new mission to rewrite the future!

What interested me is the complicated plot… After 6 episodes of Tokyo Revengers, I was very curious why Hinata got killed and why Mikey (a guy whom Takemichi must meet for the first mission, but somehow he coincidently met him. Mikey plays a big role in Hinata’s death.) has changed from being a good gangster into a brutal one. I think there are many complexity waiting for me to follow including what have happened to Takemichi’s friends after his graduation. I cannot say much about this mind-blowing anime yet because it’s been only 6 episodes and I’m not following the manga. But, I’m very confident that Takemichi can absolutely changed the future!

Watch the Trailer Here:

I will comeback and write a 100% review after I finish this season. I’m here early because I couldn’t stop my excitement to share this anime. Before that, please watch the trailer and decide to join the gang!

(Anime Review) Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train

In Thailand, the official release announcement of Kimetsu no Yaiba the movie is December 9th. It should’ve been released sooner. But due to COVID-19 crisis, we get to watch it at the end of 2020.

Kimetsu no Yaiba is very popular in Thailand. There was a special round a week ago, but the official one was yesterday. I booked the seat immediately and it was FULL yesterday as I expected. In front of the theatre, there were high school students wearing Tanjiro and Rengoku costumes. It was my first seeing japanese animation this popular aside from Kimi no na wa! Definitely, Thai fans want to see it according to the breaking sales record in Japan.

Now, let’s move on to my personal review of Kimetsu no Yaiba. First of all, the visual animation is FANTASTIC. You can clearly seen by the trailer. I thought the anime is unbelievably awesome, but the team make it more extreme in the Movie. It that even possible!? The fighting scenes are smooth as if this is not an animation! The music choices and audio quality is truly amazing. I could even hear the moving sounds of Tanjiro’s earrings guys.

This part contains some spoilers:

*This is only my personal opinion* I don’t follow manga, only the anime. I like the story line except the dead of Rengoku. In anime, demon slayer corps were represented with strength. The slaying demons scenes of Giyu and Shinobu are still imprinted in my eyes. Because I saw the corps as the extreme strength, I think Rengoku’s dead was too early. It was normal to get defeated, but as being one of the demon slayer corps, I expected to see something more of him. I asked my friend who is a BIG FAN of Kimetsu no Yaiba. She follows both manga and anime. She said that she loved the animation very much and it made her happy just to see the appearance of her favorite characters. However, she also agreed with me to this point about the dead of Rengoku.

Another point is the cut scences between sad and happy. I was really down and about to cry in Tanjiro’s dreaming scence. Then my emotion got switched instantly to hilarity in Zenitsu’s dreaming scence. At this point, my emotions did not reached the peak. You know, my tears were about to ran down and then they got dry. This is quite confusingly a mood swing. So, I think they should’ve arranged this a little bit better.

Lastly, I was worth waiting. If you are a big fan, I don’t think you should miss it! I think only some parts needed to be improved. Thank you so much for reading. It’s my turn now to continue watching Haikyuu the latest seasons! See you on my next post. Have a wonderful day.


Heal Your Heart with Haikyuu

Say hi to Haikyuu (ハイキュー), best animation (for my little heart) in 2020. To be honest, I watched this for 3 times and it’s still not enough. As we all know, Haikyuu is a volleyball animation from Japan. It isn’t particularly focuses on volleyball rules, but on friendship and how ones fight for their dreams. Bless my tiny heart for Hinata, my strongest spiritual son, that this animation is widely recognised (Mommy is so proud of you 😢)

Hinata is definitely my most favourite character. He tried so hard to achieve his dream to be in the volleyball field. He truly saved my soul. I love how hardworking Hinata is. I couldn’t imagine myself getting all the negative words like he did. As well as Kageyama who seemed to be so perfect and heartless about other’s feelings. I have to admit that I couldn’t understand what was in Kageyama’s head in my first time watching… I understood him and found my true destiny after my 2nd. (also after me trying to read reviews on twitter and manga. His past story isn’t showed up yet in the anime. Please wait for that guys!)

Friendship is (I personally think) the most unique role in Haikyuu. I love how Hinata can become friend with everybody, even his opponents love him! 😂 It’s so funny to see how each members can get along with Nekoma team especially Yamamoto and Tanaka. In the end of Haikyuu, Hinata and Kenma became such as supportive friend too, I am again blessed.

If you haven’t watch them fighting to be the top team of high school volleyball in Japan, I highly recommend you to. Don’t worry if you aren’t a sport person because that’s me. What I do for my exercising is walking, thanks. There will be instructions and rules during the animation anyway. Lastly, you can find them on Netflix. The latest one is not coming on Netflix yet, but I think they’re available on other platforms. (Unfortunately, I heard some of the Haikyuu fandom say that the latest one is not as impressive as the earlier seasons. I guess I will wait until it comes on Netflix and will definitely give it a review!)

Let me show a little bit of Jump magazine guys! It’s my first time buying books directly from Japan. The posters are awesome! I plan to buy the manga too, but money is still in process..