About June

June/Ploy (21)

  • Atira Keawsomnuek
  • Senior student, Mahidol University

For Further Contacts

Email: Atira.kea@gmail.com

Greetings from Shrimpspaces

My name is June (or Ploy in Thai). I’m a writer and the owner of Shrimpspaces.com. I generally write about Japanese animation, Japanese dramas which the future content may get expanded. Indeed, I write to share and recommend anime that I personally enjoy to everyone. Watching anime and Japanese TV series relieved my work anxiety very well. Expectedly, I want my readers to read my articles and consider watching them to relax as same as me.

The name Shrimpspaces popped up into my head while I was watching Haikyu. The word shrimp actually refers to Hinata Shoyo in anime. But to this website, it truly refers to myself as a tiny living creature on earth. Without any doubt, I must only be a tiny dot spotted on this enormous planet when I look at myself far away from earth.

Past Experiences (Work & Extra Curricular)

Private English Tutor
(May 2019 – Present)
I have been teaching grade 9-12 students including adults who prefer to learn English conversations. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, I have been teaching remotely for about seven months now.

Speaker on UN Day 2019
(Oct 2019)
I had a great opportunity to deliver a speech about plastics and environmental crisis for ambassadors and diplomats on the UN Day 2019 at United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC), Thailand.

Truthfully, it was one of my best achievements because I could entirely utilize my strength which is public speaking on this day. Aside from having a great opportunity to deliver a speech to the new target audience, I had to come up with my own speech for the first time with the unforgettable help from my respectful lecturers.

Mahidol University Debater
(Oct 2019)
Our Mahidol team made to the first runner-up after competing against other debate teams from three different universities: Chulalongkorn University, Rangsit University, and Srinakharinwirot University.

I have gone through many competitions in my high school years, however, it was my first time competing in debate. I had worked in team along with other debate members from diverse faculties and lecturers. Before the competition day, I had been offered a speaking training class to compete with other 15 students to be the three final selected debaters for Mahidol University.